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My Botox Experience with Dr. Hamadiya

The Backstory
I recently had Botox done, and it was probably one of the best and most seamless experiences ever with cosmetic treatments! I’d like to start out by saying, this wasn’t my first time with any type of injectable treatment, and after the work Dr. Hamadiya did, it definitely will not be my last! From the get-go, Dr. Hamadiya and his staff made everything so simple and easy, and it I couldn’t have planned things to go any better than they did! Before we go into the actual treatments and experience, let’s go over my history. I just recently turned 32, and I have had some treatments before. Nothing major, nothing surgical (yet?), but during my late 20’s I was a regular at my local medspa, and got fillers and Botox done a few times a year. I was very stressed at the time, and balancing a heavy workload and it was my favorite form of self care and I really loved it. At some point the medspa I had been attending closed down, and I really wasn’t worried – since pretty much everyone does injectables in Miami! This is where things took a bad turn, and I had some absolutely terrible experiences. I went to two different doctors, and after the first one ended up leaving me with a skin allergy and welts due to possibly fake Botox injections, and the second one had some of the worst service and staff I have ever come into contact with, I took a few years off from any treatments. However, with my best friend since college, getting married soon, and myself being the maid of honor, I decided maybe now was the time to take care of some of these facial lines! My forehead was looking a lot rougher than it has in ages. As worried as I was to have a repeat experience, luckily one of the bridesmaids recommended Dr. Hamadiya to me and mentioned that he does great work, so I decided to go through with it and I am so glad I did!

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