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My Experience with Dr. Chin & Koru Wellness Aesthetics

I have been a cosmetic patient for years now, and attended a number of different practices across New York City for different procedures over the years. I have a number of different experiences, both good and bad, but nothing has compared to working with Dr. Chin and the team at Koru Wellness Aesthetics! Honestly, this practice is a dream come true, and I love the way Dr. Chin practices – she’s one of the few aesthetic doctors I could trust implicitly and just know has my best interests at heart. In the past, other doctors and practices I had been to in the city, were really shady, a lot of them I actually found out later on were either unlicensed or lacked important safety measures and different things. Which really put me off to aesthetics overall for a few years, I have to say. Thankfully after a two year break I was recommended Dr. Chin and things have been great since then. This is my experience.

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Review of Koru Wellness Aesthetics NYC

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