My Buccal Fat Removal Experience with Dr. Richard Swift

First off I should start by saying before I had gotten the procedure done, I had absolutely no clue what buccal fat removal or even buccal fat was at all! So you can imagine its a pretty great story on how I ended up having it done. I’m currently a few months post procedure, and Dr. Richard Swift, one of the best buccal fat removal surgeons in NYC did my procedure, and I have to say I couldn’t be happier with the way things turned out – even if it was a bit of a roller coaster ride throughout the process. I had always had a bit of excess weight on me growing up, and throughout my teens and even early 20’s. But after leaving college I started to get heavily into fitness, with a friend I had made while at school. She and I would work out religiously, multiple times a week, hitting the gym whenever we could. Whether I had to go before work at 6am or after, in the evenings, I would always make sure to make it to the gym 4-5 times a week. It really became my new addiction over food. And after 6 months, I started to see major changes, then a year, after that 18 months – I felt like a full blown fitness queen! It gave me so much confidence, I started to dress better, I even did better at work and socially. Things were very good. But while I noticed tons of changes in my body and my overall figure became tighter, and more streamlined, with some decent muscle for my size – I never lost much weight in my face. As I continued to progress in the gym, feeling better and better about myself, my fat face would only bother me more. My friends didn’t think it was an issue, since that was the face that knew me for. But living with it everyday, and seeing the changes I was able to make with hard work and dedication to fitness, it really bothered me a lot that I couldn’t reduce the size of my face.

The Search for Treatment
This is the part where I began to finally get some answers. I started to look into different supplements, and teas that swore they would help slim down your face. I tried them all, and nothing worked. Some dehydrated me, others just made me feel woozy, but for sure they all tasted terrible. A friend of mine said if you really are upset over it, why not consider surgery. It was something I really hadn’t thought of before, but also was never really against. So I searched online for a surgeon. I found three, and had consultations with all of them. Leaving out names, the last two were some of the oddest experiences I had ever had in any type of doctor’s office. The worst of the three, seemed to not have an office at all, and was practicing out of a shared office space of some kind and wouldn’t listen to a thing I said. He constantly offered me fillers and other treatments, and later on I realized there was a reason for this, as he had some of the worst reviews I have ever seen! The second one wasn’t terrible, but just didn’t seem to care, and I just didn’t get a great vibe because most of the consultation was about the payment structure and financing options and not my actual face.

Buccal Fat Removal with Dr. Swift
This is where I had ran back to my first choice which was Dr. Richard Swift. From the get go, he was professional, no bad vibes at all. And during our consultation he mentioned buccal fat removal surgery as being my best option. Now I had come across this in my research, I just never seemed to look deeper into it. A really good part of the consultation, that I initially thought was a negative was the fact that he spent his time detailing risks, and issues that could occur with different procedures. But after visiting the other surgeons, I realized this actually showed his attention to detail and true professionalism. He also did say that the buccal fat removal treatment was my best option, and this is was relatively low risk. Something that neither of the doctors I went to offered at the time at least. I asked to see him again and was shown a number of before and after pics, that really made me feel confident about his work. He detailed everything with me again, from the top, with no issues, and I felt at ease about things – finally. We went over details, about payments, financing, everything front to back and I was ready to go through with things. The experience was pretty seamless, the only issue I had at all really was with scheduling the procedure and it being pushed back once due to a scheduling issue. It was a bit frustrating to have things pushed back at first, but when my procedure date came, I was so impressed by how professional everything was.

The procedure itself was probably one of the simplest aspects of the whole process. I really had no idea how much fat was stored in my buccal fat pads, and that it was all in the cheeks. I just figured there’s fat all around your face. This is why I had initially thought to get facial liposuction. I was under a local anesthesia and felt nothing during the process, which was great. And it was relatively short as well, Dr. Swift was very calming and in control the whole time which was clear. When the procedure was done and I was home, I had a little bit of a rough first day and managed the pain with some over the counter meds. Dr. Swift gave me a few different tips for the recovery process, and it helped manage things a lot better. All in all, a few months later I really love my results, and it was such a pleasurable experience. Anyone looking into aesthetic surgery do your homework and find a solid surgeon, it will make all the difference.

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