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Hair loss is something that has been common in my family, with both my dad and grandfather having lost most of their hair before they were 40, and some uncles on my mom’s side also having very thin hair. While this was always something I heard growing up, or something we would make jokes about with other family members it really never crossed my mind, since I always had great hair and even into my mid 30’s, I always I thought my hair was one of my biggest plus points. I never had any issues with hair falling in the shower or when I brushed my hair, or any of the other things you see or read online, so I literally never would have thought I would ever be someone who would need a hair transplant. Thankfully when I did, I was referred to Dr. V at Luxury Hair Suites, and he introduced me to NeoGraft – which is the absolute best hair transplant option for anyone who is considering having this procedure done!

I am 44 now, and as I mentioned never had any issues with my hair until recently. Around my 41st birthday a friend of mine had made a comment about receding hairlines and it really wasn’t until then that I started to notice my own. Looking back at older photos I started to notice that my forehead seemed much larger and it really started to weigh on me badly. I literally started to research it day and night, while I was at work, when I was at home, wherever. Part of me thinks that this period of stressing is was made it worse than it ever was, and actually made me notice it more than I ever had before. Like most people do, I started to look into different creams and shampoos that would make my hair grow thicker and stronger. I sought advice from different online forums and websites advertising different products. I’m glad I didn’t get too deep into these things, since I was always so worried about side effects and different issues that other men would deal with using certain products.

I consulted with my doctor and he mentioned that hair transplant surgery was an option so I started to look into it a lot more online. I became very familiar with different types of surgery and had come across NeoGraft before, but it wasn’t until a friend of mine had referred me to Dr. V and Luxury Hair Suites. I had heard of people going overseas for different hair transplants but that wasn’t really an option for me, with family and work obligations so I decided to make an appointment for a consult. Dr. V was great from the beginning, he has a great office, and works in Queens where I live so it was very convenient being able to be at my appointment within 10 minutes of finishing work or dropping my kids off at school. He was really thorough about different options, and we talked about things like PRP injections and certain products I had used in the past. He got a good idea of my medical history and really examined my hair closely. What struck me most was that he wasn’t very quick to suggest the NeoGraft procedure I ended up having in the end, which made me feel like he was actually making sure I needed it and not just trying to get another customer in the door. When we started discussing NeoGraft I knew 100% it was exactly what I wanted.

From what I read online about hair transplants, scarring and lines were common and it wasn’t something I wanted to have to deal with and the NeoGraft treatment meant I wouldn’t have to deal with any of that. Dr. V was so trustworthy throughout the process, he was very knowledgeable about hair loss issues and as much research as I did, I learned so much just from having the treatment done by him. The fact that I was able to get it done from a doctor who was literally ten minutes away from me was a dream. And even after the treatment and all my follow up appointments, Dr. V has been so helpful and we have done some additional treatments to improve my results and it really has made a difference. I look and feel better already and I am still not fully recovered yet from the surgery, but things are looking great. And Dr. V and his staff have made this such an easy experience. In terms of cost as well, I did my research and for the high level care I’ve gotten, the attention to detail and having Dr. V’s knowledge it was worth every penny. I recommend that anyone who is looking into hair transplant surgery consider NeoGraft, it really worked for me. And if you are in NYC area, Dr. V is definitely your best bet.

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