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How Review Shark Can Help Your Aesthetic Medicine Practice?

When it comes to running a business, there is a lot you need to know and stay on top of - especially if you want that business to gain any success in today’s competitive world. There’s a reason why most people simply aren’t cut out for entrepreneurship, as it takes a drive, and a hustle than many aren’t ready to commit to. And while modern digital products and platforms certainly have made things easier on business owners, it's up to those business owner to step up and evolve their business practices to meet the standards of the digital world. Where things get especially tricky is when you are in an industry like aesthetic medicine - a field composed mainly of plastic surgeons and cosmetic dermatologists. Not only do you have to focus on being a professional doctor, but you have to take time to market your practice and services as well. And unlike general medical fields, aesthetic medicine doctors like plastic surgeons and cosmetic dermatologists, are offering a number of elective procedures, and while a regular doctor treats anyone who gets sick of has an issue, in aesthetics, you have to convince patients to not only have procedures done, but to have them done by you! One of the most important aspects of marketing in cosmetic medicine is positive, strong testimonials and patient reviews. Using a platform like Review Shark, cosmetic doctors across the country have been able to acquire more reviews, and obtain the vital feedback they need on their practice and procedures - helping them to grow their client base, and their practice overall! In this article, we will be going over how exactly Review Shark works for aesthetic physicians and growing their practice.

The Importance of Reviews No matter what business you are in reviews are vital to your marketing. Whether its food from a restaurant, an item on Amazon, a vehicle for purchase, or the landscaper down the street - the way consumers judge the quality of a product or service is by hearing what other consumers thought about it. According to the experts at Review Shark, considered one of the best review apps online, 89% of consumers will only buy a product if it has good reviews. This is especially important for plastic surgeons and dermatologists. The same reason you would never choose a 1-star hotel for your honeymoon, is the reason you’d never have your facelift or Botox done by a doctor with a 1-star rating. Reviews tell consumers about the experience others had with a product or service - it’s difficult for them to think their experience will be any better. For a business, bad reviews can prevent them from competing within their industry. But what can be even worse for plastic surgeons and dermatologists, is having no reviews, as this will show patients that the doctor lacks experience, and most aren’t willing to be the guinea pig to find out!

The Issue with Patient Reviews If you ask any small business owner, they will tell you all about the struggle of trying to get customers and clients to leave reviews. But it can become exponentially harder with plastic surgery and cosmetics. Most patients don’t want the world knowing they’ve had any cosmetic enhancement to begin with. And then when you factor in the annoyance of creating an account on a platform, logging in, navigating to the review page, thinking of something to say, all the while you might be trying to heal from a procedure, and doing that on multiple platforms? Not going to happen. Then as a doctor, who wants to chase down patients to leave a review, when you have procedures to perform? This is where Review Shark can make a huge difference!

The Value of Review Shark to Your Aesthetic Practice Review Shark is an innovative new platform that allows your practice to completely automate the review process, making it exponentially easier on both the patient, as well as the practice! Using Review Shark, practices can simply provide patients with an in-office tablet, mobile device, or even an email link - where they can simply add their review. Then within seconds, that review is stored in the practice database, and can be blasted to your practice website, social media platforms and much more! The best part is that your practice can curate the review experience, and decides where certain reviews go and where they shouldn’t. These reviews are also become a vital aspect to your overall practice marketing, as they are embedded into your site and can help to boost things like practice reputation, Google search engine ranking, and overall credibility. The platform allows you to interact directly with a review, and to answer any issues or concerns a patient may have addressed. One thing to understand about Review Shark is that it was developed by a team of expert marketers who have worked in aesthetic medicine for years - meaning that they know exactly how to help grow a business in this industry. And the app is constantly being developed, with new features, patches and updates being made everyday! Practices using Review Shark have already seen incredible growth, to find out more about Review Shark and how it can help your aesthetic practice, be sure to visit today.


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