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3 Important Insights You Need to Know About Online Reviews

When it comes to running a successful business, whether it be a brick and mortar store front, or if it is just an online ecommerce venture, one of the most important things you can get, is feedback from former clients or customers. Now this feedback has been something business owners have thought of and wanted for many years while many might assume the idea about reputation management services might be fairly new, but they have existed in one form or another for many years now. Whether it be comment cards given out at the register, or some form of an online review management service, similar to Review Shark. Review Shark, despite being somewhat new, is one of the best and most highly effective reputation management tools around today. And while reputation management services such as this have become quite vital to running a proper business with the analytics that you might need. Now before we delve too much further into discussing such reputation management services, its important that we go over some of the most important aspects of your business and how things are affected by reviews. Without any further ado, here are some important things you should know about online reviews and more.

Bad Reviews Aren’t Always Too Bad One of the most interesting things a business owner should know is that just because you receive a few bad reviews, they also are able to help quite a bit with conversion rates. According to most reputation management tools out there, customers spend five times as long on a site if they interact with bad reviews, trust those reviews more, and convert 85 percent more often. This isn’t to say that a terrible overall star rating is good for business, but diversity in your ratings tends to be more trusted than 100 percent five-star reviews, and the availability of some negative reviews actually enhances conversion rates, especially if those negative reviews inform the consumer more about the product, since every buyer has different tastes.

How Star Ratings in the SERP Pages Help? One of the most interesting that’s we have learned from certain reputation management services like Review Shark is their ability to provide star ratings on the search engine results page. In fact, according to the team at Review Shark, the top-rated review management service NYC has to offer, having star ratings in the search engine results page can increase click-through rates by 25 percent. Since several studies suggest that click-through rates enhance your search engine rankings, the boost provided by those star ratings may also boost your SEO, even for organic search results. For star ratings to show up in the search results, you will need to include the appropriate schema markup, and the ratings must be provided by actual customers for them to reliably show up.

Not All People Write Reviews This is one of the most ideas for an individual to understand, that not all individuals leave reviews, especially not those who might have had something good to say. According to Review Shark, one of the best reputation management services around today, a full 38 percent “never” leave reviews on products and services, and 48 percent don’t leave them on restaurants. Only about 10 percent “always” or “almost always” leave reviews on products and services. This reinforces how important it is to ask and encourage consumers to leave reviews on your products in order to pick up the momentum you need. And it is by far mostly the individuals who might not believe the product is of such a high quality.

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