Reputation Management

At Review Shark, one of our most popular services include reputation management and protection – for both individuals as well as a full organization. Protecting your online reputation is a vital aspect of every business and their growth. By protecting your brand and online reputation, we are able to ensure your company is protected in the face of both current and future threats, including the following.

NEGATIVE REVIEWS In today’s digital world, consumers are able to review everything online, whether it be products, services, or the face of the brand overall. While reviews are often a helpful means of allowing consumers to make the correct decisions for buying or using products – negative reviews can drastically affect a brand’s online reputation and in many cases, drive down revenue, turning away future customers, business partners, investors and more. In many cases, these negative reviews can end up being false and become especially harmful to an organization outlook within a market. With years of experience dealing with negative, often false reviews, the team at Review Shark can help clients to remove such reviews from sites such as Google and Yelp, while helping a brand to curate their online existence and tell the truth about their brand’s identity.

UNPROFESSIONAL STATEMENTS With proper reputation management, the Review Shark team can help your organization to fight against harmful content available online and help prevent such negative statements from going ‘viral’ or becoming the organization’s main message online. Often these statements may be made through social media platforms and other review sites.

BRAND CONFUSION One of the most important things to fight back against when it comes to reputation management, is the creation of false or fake accounts and/or pages, that are posing as you or your brand. These types of issues often come about through social media, and other similar platforms – in which one party will create a fake account, in an effort to pose as you (or your brand). In doing so, they may make unprofessional posts, use inappropriate language and remarks to damage your brand identity, as well as to drive use traffic to their page, and in affect, taking that traffic from the actual page. At Review Shark, we are able to work alongside these popular platforms like Instagram and Facebook etc., to have such false pages removed and protect the identity of your brand.

FALSE INFORMATION Another common issue we have come across is the dissemination of false, harmful information about a brand as well as the proprietorship of said brand. In some cases, individuals will use the internet to spread rumors or make harmful, often damaging claims about a brand, their practices, or their ownership. By taking such actions, they can truly hamper a company and their ability to do business within a certain field – turning off prospective customers from wanting to work with them or purchase their products/services.

FIGHTING FOR YOUR BRAND As with most online issues, reputation management is done through proper SEO (search engine optimization), and tactical management of the search engine – in most cases Google, as it is the most popular search engine by far. Its important to recognize areas in which your brand might be deficient and may need strengthening. Using a number of specialized tactics, the team at Review Shark is able to meticulously take control of your online reputation, and ensure those prospective customers and other individuals see the things you want them to, and no longer see the false or fake pages, posts, or articles you don’t want them to. While the majority of our reputation management tactics are relatively “under-wraps” and meant as a company secret, here are some of the important tips we use when approaching reputation issues.

SPEED AND EFFICIENCY One of the most important things to understand is that the faster we are able to begin the process, the better results we can guarantee our clients. In addition, it's also important to take preventative measures, before a crisis situation develops.

PLAY UP YOUR STRENGTHS One of the best ways to combat false, negative and damaging issues and assertations is to play up the strengths of your organization across ALL platforms, including social media, the search engine, your website and more.

STRONG BLOGS & ARTICLES This also allows you to play up the positives of your company or organization. Illustrate your strengths and establish yourself as an authority within your prospective field with strong, well-written articles & blog posts.

DIVERSIFY SEARCH ENGINE RESULTS An important thing to do is to cultivate a variety of different, strong pieces of content to appear as a result of your Google searches. This will not only help to push down the negative pieces about your organization but provides you with a strong, diverse variety of search results across multiple keywords.

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