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3 More Important Insights You Need to Know About Online Reviews

When it comes to running a successful business, no matter if it’s an online business or ecommerce, with little to no overhead, or if it is an actual brick and mortar business with a full storefront and a number of different rents and bills that need to be paid, reviews and customer feedback is absolutely vital. According to the team at Review Shark, known as the best review management service around today, the fact is that for many businesses, brick and mortar or online, reviews online or things like Facebook reviews can truly make or break a business and its reputation with the rest of the internet and any prospective customers. The fact of the matter is that no matter how vital a review online might be, many business owners and other individuals are relatively uneducated on what these reviews actually mean for the business itself. In this article we will be going over a few more of the most important insights in regards to online reviews.

User Generated Content According to a number of different studies and things, done by the team at Review Shark, the best review management service around today, a recent study found that user-generated content influenced consumer decisions more than any other factor they looked at. Surprisingly, user-generated content influenced decisions even more than search engines. Not only does it influence the individual customers and their actual appeal to the products and what not, but also their desire to actually make a purchase of the product itself.

Personal Recommendations Versus Online Reviews When you see a review online, while it does certainly hold some weight about your buying a purchasing description, it’s important to understand as well that something like Facebook reviews do not hold anywhere near as much weight as a personal recommendation might. Eighty-eight percent of consumers trust online reviews as much as they trust a personal recommendation from somebody they know.

Reviews Versus Deals Interestingly enough, one of the most interesting things we have come across using a review management service like Review Shark, and allowing it to access Facebook reviews and any other review online, we have found is that we much prefer good online reviews to saving a few bucks. More than 50 percent look at reviews, while only 34 percent are focused on deals.

How Recent is the Review? As we mentioned and now understand that reviews must count a decent amount, its also important to understand is that there are certain aspects that can help give that review any actual relevancy. In fact, recency of the review is more important than you might think. Forty-four percent of consumers will not consider a review to be relevant if it was written more than one month ago. Clearly, this factor will be industry-dependent, but it emphasizes the importance of seeking out reviews as an ongoing process, rather than relying on old reviews to continue holding steam.

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