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I have to start off by saying I am in love with my new body! I haven’t looked or felt this good since I was in high school and I owe a huge thank you to Dr. Richard Swift, probably the best plastic surgeon NYC has in practice for liposuction! I have been going through a body transformation and capping it off with a cosmetic surgery wasn’t my original goal, but it really worked out for the best and I feel so much more confident and sexier than I ever have, as a wife and mother of 3! My journey began, as I had just turned 39 and while I had a great birthday thanks for my husband, kids and family, I had been battling depression and body issues were a major part of it. I had grown up a tomboy, playing sports with my brothers, and ran track in high-school so I was always in great shape up until the middle of college. My husband and I met freshman year, and by junior year, I was pregnant with our first son and this is where things began to down hill at least in terms of my body. Pregnancy weight was normal, and taking care of a child at such a young age was difficult and I had no time for anything. My second son came soon after. After my first two pregnancies I had gained about 30 lbs, and was pretty overweight.

Over the years I had tried different things, and lost weight here and there, and the past 4 years or so I was actually doing well, but still not near my college weight. It wasn’t until I consulted a therapist with my husband and turned 39 where I decided to make a huge change in my lifestyle. I joined the gym, got a trainer, and sought help from a nutritionist. I started seeing results, and the weight was slowing coming down. But I still was a larger than I would like and hit a plateau. With 4 months to my 40th birthday, I had a friend who had recently gotten a facelift done by Dr. Swift, and she looked amazing. Her results were natural, which I really liked. I got his contact and booked my consult within a week. I didn’t really have much of an idea of what I was going in there for, but liposuction or a tummy tuck was on my mind.

Dr. Swift was really a breath of fresh air! Not what I expected at all from a Park Avenue plastic surgeon at all! He was so kind, and down to earth. I had done my research and saw he had great reviews. Seeing the work on his website too really drew me in. During our consult he was so transparent – which is a word I see a lot of people use to describe him! He looked over my body and we discussed options. He was upfront with me, and didn’t try to pressure me into any procedures. The thing that really made me trust him fully was the fact that he was so honest, went over every possible risk or side effect of liposuction with me. He said I was a good candidate but he would prefer that I lost another 5-10 lbs before surgery, in a healthy, slow pace. He connected me with people that could help and gave me tons of recommendations. And I was committed to the procedure and plan from then on!

In under 90 days with his help, I had lost the most of the weight and was ready for the procedure a month shy of my 40th birthday. Throughout the 90 days, his front desk girl Stephanie was always so kind, checking in on my progress and making small talk whenever I called. I felt like I was in great hands! The procedure day came, and I was in a fancy surgical center, Dr. Swift was so professional and I was so nervous but his attitude kept me in a good place so it passed quickly. I can’t remember much about that day to be honest, just that it went smoothly and uneventful – exactly what I wanted! Waking up from surgery however, I was in a decent amount of pain and was sore. The next few weeks were also pretty rough, I tried to relax and stay in bed as much as possible, and had my kids home from school so they were waiting on me, which was helpful. Anyone reading this, liposuction recovery is no joke, and something you have to be ready for. But this is also why you need a good doctor, because Dr. Swift prepared me for all of it so I wasn’t surprised at all. The whole time I had check-ins and follow-up visits, I did have some issues with the healing of the incision for a while, but this was something normal Dr. Swift prepared me for. Other than that my results were visible very quickly and as I healed and swelling/bruising went down I could see a shape in my body I haven’t in years! My husband was right on time with the compliments and neither of us can believe how good I look. With some loose skin still in my midsection from pregnancy, I am now considering the tummy tuck as well and will definitely be using Dr. Swift again! One thing to know though about liposuction is that it’s not a procedure that will help you drop tons of weight, Dr. Swift was very serious about this. I did drop a decent amount of surface fat and it toned me up a lot, but I considered it more of a finishing touch to my journey, which hasn’t stopped yet! The results of my liposuction have only motivated me more and I am now in the gym 3 times a week and have kept a very healthy diet since surgery!

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