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This past fall, I threw my very first Botox party at home and it was one of the most fun experiences I’ve ever had getting any cosmetic work done! I really had no idea that doing Botox at home was actually a thing, and something that I could do with some of my closest friends, but I saw the idea online and I have had experience with doing injectable treatments like Both and fillers before. Living in New York City, I have seen a number of different practices, and doctors, but only had actual Botox done 3-4 times in the past 10 years, and haven’t had much work done over the past few years, especially since we were all locked down and everything. My office has been remote since the pandemic, and as much as I was enjoying the time spent at home with my kids and family, it was starting to get very boring and I hated the fact that it seemed like I had nothing to actually get dressed for throughout the week.

A few months back however, we were all sent an email that we would be returning to the office part time, and would be expected to report 2 days a week to begin and I was actually looking forward to getting back to normal and being more active throughout the week again. With two months to prepare for this period I decided to look into some injectable procedure options and came across Dr. V’s At Home Botox online. Before I go into detail, Dr. V is an amazing doctor, and in the past when I would always have to go into the city to have any of my work done, its nice to know that there is a reputable practice right here in Queens that does really good work! This is how I got the idea for my Botox party.

A few of my friends had also dabbled with injectables over the years, so I definitely knew some people who would be interested, and thought it would be a great idea to actually hold an event at my house since its been so long since we’ve had a real party at our place. Dr. V and his team were amazing and not having a clue about where to start was no issue, since they walked me through everything! When you read about Botox parties online, they seem so simple, but I couldn’t imagine how it would be possible. Would we have to order Botox? Would we be injecting ourselves? I had so many questions, but thankfully Dr. V was there to answer everything and explained the process to me in detail.

I brought a friend who was a bit more experienced in aesthetics with me, and we made the arrangements with Dr. V and his staff. Everything was seamless, and there weren’t really any issues at all, since he was very straightforward and gave us a list of important details that we had to follow. My friend and I did the planning for the party, and Dr. V and his team made the Botox part so simple. The best part about the experience was that it was just like any other party I would throw at my house, just that some of the people who came would be having Botox done. We had the option to include other treatments as well, but after asking those who were interested we decided against it but it will definitely be something I consider for next time! Dr. V and his team were very safe and strict with the rules, which I appreciated so much, because part of me was a bit worried since it was my first time doing something like this. A few of my close friends and family ended up coming to the event as well, but it was only a handful of us who would actually be taking part in the Botox part. It was all done very nice, there was no pressure, everything was very professional. And it was basically the same as I would have expected in an actual medical office, with forms and consent and everything. It was honestly the best experience I’ve had getting Botox done. While the party itself was so great, the thing that made me happiest was how many of my friends loved Dr. V and his work. Everyone was happy! Not a single complaint and I think he definitely gained some new clients that afternoon! If you ever want to have a Botox party you need to go to someone like Dr. V, unless you’re a doctor yourself, there’s literally no other way things could have gone so smoothly. Its definitely not for everyone and not something that every one of my friends would be comfortable with, but with the right crowd and someone like Dr. V it was a truly fun experience and something everyone in cosmetics should try.

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