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After having a spotless record for over 25 years of my life, I found myself in the first bit of legal trouble I have ever experienced this past summer. Living in Florida, with so many knuckleheads out there, a lot of my friends and family members have always found themselves getting into little issues and troubles with the law. However, after a night of heavy drinking with friends, I found myself facing an assault and battery charge, and even though I definitely acted way outside my usual character, I definitely wasn’t the aggressor and was only there defending a friend. After a harrowing legal situation and a lot of unfair judgement by the local police, thankfully Mr. Steven Veinger, and his practice, had my back and I was found completely innocent on all charges! This was my experience.

At the beginning of a night of drinking like any other this past summer, a friend of mine had run into an old college friend who he wasn’t really on the best terms with. During the night, he and the ex-friend had a few words within a local bar in the Miami Beach area and since it was early in the night, cooler heads prevailed and we were able to separate the two fairly quickly. But of course, towards the end of the night, a few hours and many drinks later, he ran into the same individual, this time it was right in front of another bar not too far from where the night began. Neither individual having friends around to break it up, the two ended up coming to blows, but luckily we had been close by and made our way to break things up. As we got there, the other individual’s friends had decided to hold us back and attempted to escalate the matter. It became a huge brawl and began spilling into the street and a nearby alleyway where no one was around to stop things. We managed to cool things down with the other individuals, but the initial fight was raging on. And as our friend was coming out the victor, one of the individuals from the other group charged them with a bottle in hand and was swinging it violently. Being the closest one, I ran over and began to tussle with him, not looking to progress things in any way. I suffered a number of cuts, and took many hard punches to the abdomen, the face, and the back of the head. But being the soberer of the two, I ended up winning the fight only to be struck in the back as I was on top the individual, by a police officer who had been responding to the issue.

Having seen the police, everybody else ran, and we were taken into custody. From the perspective of the police, it looked as if I was the aggressor and the other individual gave a statement that I had assaulted him, and he was the one trying to protect his friend – even despite my friends coming forward and speaking on my behalf. I was released after 48 hours but not after I had been handed assault and battery charges, weapons charges, and disorderly conduct. I really had no clue what to do. My father had known Mr. Veinger for a few years at this point, after he helped with some traffic issues, and decided to make a call on my behalf. He took on the case, and initially, after hearing he had worked on my dad’s traffic case I didn’t know if he was the right lawyer for me. That changed after the first in-person meeting. He had a nice office, very professional, and a great staff greeting you on your way in. He explained everything to me in such vivid detail, that it was clear he was an experienced defense attorney and I was in good hands – he knows how to keep his clients happy and answered any questions I had. Now defense attorneys aren’t cheap, but I have to say, Mr. Veinger also charged a very fair rate, as I had shopped around a bit during the process. More than just price though, his demeanor and confidence in my case stuck out. I was a wreck at times, but he seemed cool about it but made sure I understood the serious charges. While other attorneys told me I would be in for a long legal battle, and court fees would be expensive, Mr. Veinger was able to get the charges dropped well before any actual trial! He was always so prompt with motions, and filed paperwork on-time, which isn’t something I’ve seen in Florida lawyers for any type of case! The difficult part of the case was the mismatching statements of either party, and the lack of any surveillance. But Mr. Veinger was able to point out inconsistencies on behalf of the other party’s statements, and the court could see that it was really just self-defense on my part. I owe Mr. Veinger a huge debt of gratitude, and if I am ever in any trouble again he is definitely going to be my first call!

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