Google Review Management

In today’s digital world, as with most things, the internet has seemingly taken over the world of marketing. And as companies like Google stake their claim in an ever-changing world, businesses, both large and small, must be prepared to acclimate and “play ball” with these entities and platforms to drive the traffic and of course, the overall growth they need!

Google Reviews As Google takes over more and more online territory, they have become the online gateway to success on the web – day by day, bringing about fundamental developments that will directly impact the growth and success of your business. And with such developments, the value of representing your business through Google’s countless business tools has become vital. And as a leader in the digital marketing realm, Caymana Consulting is here to fully modernize your business’ marketing methods, using each and every one of these valuable tools and concepts introduced by the tech giant that is Google. While it seems like every other day Google introduces a new and unique means of representing your business on their countless platforms, Google reviews have become an integral piece of the puzzle – becoming a major talking point and becoming an essential means of representing your business online.

Government Intervention As Google reviews become a more and more vital piece of your brand, the government has stepped in and begun to institute regulation to a world that was once lawless – the agency known as the Competitions and Markets Authority, or CMA, has begun to monitor reviews online and is helping to ensure the legitimacy of reviews. This means that having a specialized plan for Google Review Management is now vital for businesses looking to market their services online. With years in the industry, and having seen the Google experience change quite a bit over time, the team at Caymana can help you stay one step ahead of the field and ensure your business maintains the impeccable online reputation you need to continually grow and succeed in today’s fast-paced digital world.

Impacting Your Ranking For years businesses and marketers alike, paid little to no attention to their Google reviews, as they didn’t matter a bit towards your search engine ranking. However, as a result of recent changes from Google, that has all changed – and Google will not only be penalizing business websites with poor reviews, but also those with few, if any reviews as well! The lack of positive reviews will cause businesses to suffer a drop in their search engine ranking.

While many businesses will begin to panic, the team at Caymana Consulting has understand the value of reviewsand how they can be implemented to bolster your SEO value and search engine ranking as a whole. We can help you to accrue positive reviews in a few different ways, including:

  • Creating customized links for you to send out to your clients, following their procedures, or services.
  • Email Blasts & Newsletter, giving your clients direct access to leave your business a review right to you Google page.
  • Customized, In-House apps and techniques that will allow you to cultivate and accumulate reviews directly from your clients.

The Importance of Google Review Management Google reviews have now become vital to any business in the digital age – holding a tremendous weight, as they can influence not only new, prospective customers, but also your existing customer base. Considering this, the Caymana team places a vital importance on Google review monitoring, ensuring your business is always shown in the best light possible – while also being able to minimize the impact of negative reviews as well.

In addition, considering your placement on the Google search engine and Google map searches, you are now, more than ever, being compared to businesses in your local area. And due to the placement and layout of the Google map listing (often the most vital area to hold high rank and grow your business), your reviews and “star rating” are constantly being compared with your closest competition. With a team like Caymana on your side, you can be sure you have someone paying close attention to each and every new review that comes in, ensuring you are able to:

  • Catch & Resolve Negative Reviews
  • Share & Embed Positive Reviews
  • Flag Inappropriate or “Spam” Reviews
  • Provide Feedback for Both Positive and Negative Reviews
  • Generate Newer 5-Star Reviews

All while ensuring, we are able to positively impact your organic search ranking, each and every day! For more information on Google Review Management, be sure to contact us today.


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