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How Can Positive Online Reviews Grow Your Business?

In today digital landscape, Google has far and away solidified itself as the premiere place for businesses to help establish, grow and improve their brand, and business overall. No matter what industry you might be, from restaurants, spas, and salons, to legal practices, plastic surgeons, and other medical practices – Google provides you with the means to make a one on one connection to your prospective consumer, in a way that was never possible in years back. According to the experts at Review Shark, the fact is that over 75% of all buying decisions made by prospective consumers, are influenced in some way, shape or form through the Google search engine. Considering that Google is often the gateway that connects consumers to the products or types of products they are looking to purchase.

Alternative Options to Products In some cases, prospective buyers already have in their head the product or service they are looking to purchase. In instances such as these, because they are often using Google to get to the product or service they want, they are sometimes met by an alternative option – whether it be a similar product made by a different company for a better price, or a product with superior functionality, and more positive reviews. This is the one of the main powers of online reviews, as it gives your organization the opportunity to influence the buyers purchasing decisions, even in case where they may not have even heard of your product.

Third-Party Reviews One of the biggest and most influential turning points when it comes to online reviews and marketing of products took place in 2016 – when Google began showing prospective consumers, third-party reviews of certain products. While they would still provide their own Google reviews, and feedback from Google users who were willing to give a company a review, they also added a section that was titled “Reviews from the web”. In this section, prospective buyers were able to average review scores from other sites that accrued reviews, whether those sites be social media based like Facebook, a known review source such as Yelp, newer sites for reviews such as Review Shark, and even reviews from within the company’s own website. These links gave users the opportunity to see was other users thought of a company and its products, outside of the Google ecosystem. In fact, showing such third-party reviews showed us how important Google believed reviews were to the overall health, and the reputation of a site or company.

Asking Customers for Reviews One of the most interesting aspects of Google’s online reviews is that unlike certain review sites such as Yelp, Google actually encourages business owners to solicit reviews from their customers. In fact, once you established your business on Google with a My Business page, they would often send out printed mailers to your business, recommending ways for you to connect with your consumer – one of the most important being encouraging customers to leave you reviews. While some agree with this tactic, and others don’t. According to the experts at Review Shark, as well as other studies that outlined consumer’s buying decisions, it isn’t important to simply ask clients to leave reviews, but to know how to do it, and to understand which clients are right to approach.

In whatever industry you might be in, you will have consumers who have good experiences dealing with your organization, and others who will have had bad experiences dealing with your organization. By training employees and management, themselves, on how to and who to approach in order to get a review is vital. Whether you believe you actively provided a consumer a below average service or there was some type of miscommunication – it is important that you understand how to weed this type of consumer out and simply don’t approach them to leave you a review. Now this client may choose to leave one on their own, which is fine, but the consumers who you have strong rapport with, and those who actively told you how happy they were with the service you provided are the top candidates to approach. The fact is that reviews have never been more important to the health and overall wellness of your organization. According to studies, over 90% of all consumers are actively looking for or reading reviews online, before they decide to purchase a product. And the two biggest things that will turn them off to your products/services, will be 1) a negative review, or 2) the lack of a review. So more than ever, its important that you approach customers, and learn exactly how to encourage them to leave you solid, truthful reviews. In some cases, business owners may also incentivize clients to leave reviews as well – whether it be through a discount on your next purchase or a “free gift” – this can help a great deal when looking to accrue reviews from your clients. For more information on online reviews, be sure to visit today.


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