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I have had very bad acne for over 10 years now. It all started when I was in my early teens, before then I had never really noticed any issues with my face or complexion at all. As I entered into high school I would slowly start to see little breakouts appearing over time. I was always very active and played sports like volleyball and tennis during high school, and as my acne got worse, I always just chalked it up to the training and the constant sweating during practice. I was able to manage it pretty well until graduation, but by the time I entered college it had gotten much worse and was nearly impossible to contend with. Whatever over the counter cleansers and medications I had tried just weren’t having any type of effect anymore, and it honestly seemed to make things worse. My face would get red and become irritated over time – only making things worse and worse. I had sought some treatment from dermatologists in the past, but never really saw any results, and it made me stop visiting them soon after. It honestly wasn’t until I was recommended Dr. Alan Kling that I finally saw the results I have been after for years, and this was my experience.

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