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3 Important Benefits of Getting Online Reviews

In recent years, businesses of all kinds, large and small have begin paying far more attention to their online reputation – and more than ever, are looking for an insight into how exactly they are being seen by the masses as well as prospective consumers. As businesses have begun taking a deeper look into their online reputation, they have finally begun to realize the value of online reviews – especially when you see good reviews from happy clients, who appreciate the products and/or services you provide. The fact is that companies have realized how much of an advantage it is to have solid, positive reviews on sites like Google or Review Shark. Much of the obsession with positive reviews came directly as a result of Google’s actions. Ever since Google began showing each site’s “star-rating” beside the site link on the SERPs (search engine results pages). Learn more about the importance of online reviews today.

The fact is that once individuals began to take more notice, at an area that relatively non-descript, consumers and businesses owners alike began asking questions, often seeing other company’s reviews and wondering what the reviews were like for their own places of business or if there were any reviews at all. in addition, consumers and business owners were wholly interested at what their own star rating could be on popular sites like Google, Yelp and Review Shark. The most important thing that stuck out to such individuals were that the reviews, good or bad, of the lack of reviews, were both front and center – available for any individual who might be perusing the web to take a look at. The most important qualities, that are shard amongst a lot of business owners is the fact that they are competitive and believe in their business quite a bit. And in essence, this sense of competition causes them to want to do better and kicks in a desired to not only do better, but to convince those individuals who are happy with their service, or have been long time patrons of their establishment, a positive review on one of their more heavily trafficked online platforms. The experts at Review Shark offer these three important benefits of getting online reviews.

Improved Search Engine Ranking In today’s digital marketing world, SEO or search engine optimization has become one of the most important tools to growing any business. In essence, SEO is a process by which businesses are able to improve their organic online ranking – ensuring that their business appears before others within the same category. According to the experts at Review Shark, higher organic ranking is one of the most important factors to influencing the buying decisions of prospective consumers. To understand such factors, its important for business owners to put themselves into the shoes of prospective consumers. For instance, if you were to be looking for a restaurant to eat at for dinner, you are most likely to search Google – using a term like “best Italian restaurant NYC”. When Google populates a list of results, as a consumer, you are far more likely to select a restaurant within the top 3 to 5 places on the search engine. And with new parameters for the Google search engine, those businesses with a higher overall “score” and average score for reviews (out of 5) will undoubtedly rank higher than those with lower scores.

Higher Click-Through Rates As we mentioned, for any business to succeed in today’s landscape, they must be able to utilize the Google search engine. And onc of the main goals for any business should be to get searchers to click on their link as they populate on the SERPs (search engine results pages). According to recent studies by the experts at Review Shark, prospective consumers are nearly 60% more likely to click those links with the higher review scores – most often, businesses with a 4+ stars on Google. Essentially, the higher your review score, the higher your click through rates.

Building Trust with Consumers One of the most important factors when it comes to influencing the buying decisions of prospective consumers is seeing evidence of higher review scores by those individuals who have already made purchases with the company, and given that company a positive review. According to studies by the experts at Review Shark, it generally takes about 10 or so positive reviews for a prospective consumer to decide whether they can “trust” a company, and give them your business. Plus, the more recent and more genuine these reviews seem, the better – this is why its important for businesses to continue asking their happy clients to add more and more reviews for them.

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