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Working with Levine & Wiss has been a pleasure from start to finish! They are easily the best personal injury firm in Brooklyn and got me a huge payout from a car accident injury I suffered recently right here in my own neighborhood of Fort Greene, Brooklyn. I’ve lived in Brooklyn all my life, growing up in Bay Ridge, I moved to Fort Greene with friends while attending school downtown and only in the past two years have I had a car since living in this neighborhood parking is never really easy to get. My accident occurred in early 2021, making this past year one of the most difficult in my life and it all happened during a 5 minute span because of one person’s recklessness. Here is my experience.

Like many other nights, because of the parking situation I had to move my car to avoid getting a ticket the next morning – just a part of living in crowded New York City. However, this night my roommate and I had decided to visit one of our favorite late night food spots in lower Manhattan. For those who don’t know, its actually a short drive across the bride especially at this time of night. We got our food, and head back across the Manhattan Bridge. Once we made it back to Brooklyn, we made our way down Atlantic Avenue, passing right by the famous Barclays Center. As we crept into an intersection, awaiting our chance at a left turn, we heard a loud tire screech and the next thing I know I feel a huge impact on the driver side of my vehicle, and as I turned to my left all I could see was a bright pair of high beams from another vehicle. Driving a smaller vehicle, my car was thrown back at least 5-10 feet, and I instantly felt a terrible pain in my neck and shoulder. The glass from my driver side window was broken and flying everywhere, and I can barely remember much else since thats the moment my airbags deployed and it caused me to hit my head very hard against the side of my vehicle. Not looking in the direction of the vehicle at the time, I really didn’t know what happened aside from the fact that someone rammed directly into the driver side of my car, clearly going very fast. Later on after watching street camera footage though I could see the crazy extent of the other driver’s recklessness.

The scene was a huge mess, and while I don’t remember much else about the impact I was awake and coherent throughout just in a lot of pain. The aftermath of the accident made things a lot worse. We only had to wait a few minutes for the police to arrive on the scene, but the other car was pinned against my door so I wasn’t able to get out for a while and was scared that I’d be trapped – something that I still dream about to this day. Eventually the door had to be cut out and I was freed after an hour, in terrible pain the whole time. My roommate suffered s dislocated shoulder, several cuts to his face and head, as well as some internal bleeding and a severe concussion which he still gets headaches from now. I also suffered a concussion, I broke my left arm, and my left foot in many places, it was completely mangled but through many surgeries and physical therapy its nearly back to 75% after a year. Initially, in terms of pain, the whiplash in my neck was the worst, from the moment of the impact I was screaming in pain and was worried that I had done some serious damage to it.

On my second day in the hospital, I was online and actually saw an advertisement for Levine & Wiss, and looked into it. I had thought about taking legal action but really didn’t know how to get started, neither did my roommate. I decided to contact them via their website, and someone actually got back to me within only a few hours – which I was really surprised about. The person on the phone took my details, and I was connected with Joel Levine who I instantly made a connection with from the start. He was very no nonsense, and wasn’t trying to gaslight me or win me over by making a bunch of promises, he was professional and was very interested in the facts. His confidence was clear, and his experience really shows, the man knows everything about car accident claims and laws in Brooklyn! Later on in the week, he visited me in the hospital and to my surprise he had already made a lot of progress on my case. I had only just hired him two days ago, and he already had reports and details from the accident I wasn’t even aware of! The best thing was that he seemed to be very well connected in the Brooklyn legal scene, and knew a lot of people in the court system and police department. This made gathering information so simple. The case itself took a very long time, and Joel did a lot of work. I really didn’t understand the personal injury process, and was surprised that he didn’t take payment unless my case earned a payout. Which helped me out a lot, since I was in school and the injuries kept me out of work for over 4 months. As good as Joel and Levine & Wiss, were the case took its toll on me, and even though I ended up with a huge payout in the end, I would never wish this experience on my worst enemy. But Levine & Wiss made things very easy on me, and being injured and unable to do much, I really bothered them a lot so I appreciated their patience with me. The staff was always nice, and patient with me, even when I would call for updates multiple times a day. And Joel always got back to me promptly, even when he was busy with meetings. If anyone is in a similar situation, you need to hire an experienced Brooklyn personal injury attorney like Joel Levine. And make sure they are local! His knowledge of the court system and Brooklyn in general really made a difference in getting evidence and information, pushing for court dates, and motions. Thanks again Joel, and the entire Levine & Wiss staff.

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