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3 More Online Reputation Management Tips

When it comes to the overall reputation of your business or organization, there are few aspects more important than reviews made by actual consumers. Whether those reviews are good or bad, they are able to shape the overall opinion of your business by making both positive and negative statements about your products and/or services. In an instance such as this, when a customer is able to read Yelp reviews or reviews from other reputable sites it will then create a narrative in regard to their products and services. In a case where these reviews are negative, it will damage the overall opinion of future clients, and how they see your company’s products and services. This is a key instance in which reputation management, and the proper use of a customer review software such as Review Shark become integral to telling a company’s story. By using customer review software like Review Shark, business owners are able to have far better control as to how their products and/or services will be viewed.

One of the most important things to understand for any business is that when a business or company, regardless of what field they are in, do not invest in developing their online presence and reputation proactively, they are far more likely to incur drastic costs later on in the long term – these losses will most often come in the form, of lost revenues, reputation damages, and last minute management of their reputation using customer review software such as Review Shark. For instance, in a case where a company is experiencing success far and away, with one of their main products and/or services, however, a few clients might have a bad experience with that product and leave a review on Yelp – the few individuals who might read Yelp reviews, take that experience to heart and choose not to patronize them as a result. In terms of basic psychology, when an individual puts a lot of stock in a site such as Yelp for their previous services and products, seeing this review may be the one thing that influences their opinion the most. Before you end up in a situation such as this, here are a few important online reputation management tips to help avoid an instance such as this.

Create Blogs For those familiar with the search engine, SEO (search engine optimization) and other tactics of improving your rank online – blogs are, and have been an important means of garnering rank for the information you want clients to see, and helping to drown out the false statements, lies, and overall negative information. If sone properly, blogging with good, solid keywords can help you to drastically improve your site’s overall ranking. In addition to providing you the much-needed optimization, blogging can often be a beneficial means of getting your company’s message out there and allowing you to respond to certain negative claims that were made about your products or services.

Take Stock of What is Being Said In many cases, it can actually benefit you to sit down, and read Yelp reviews or other negative reviews – as some of these may not be purely slanderous and may simply be identifying an issue a client might have had, that can be easily remedies next time. Certain business practices of yours may simply be turning your customers off, and actually be pushing them into the arms of your competitors. Whether that be random costs, or fees they didn’t expect to pay, cancellations or other unwanted rules that seem inflexible.

Reply Prudently One of the best things an individual or business owner can do in the fact of a bad review, is to reply back with an understanding tone, offer up an apology, and explain a bit more into your company’s business practices – also, how you plan to make it up to them with some type of a discount, or ask them to contact you directly about a specialty service to make things right.

For more information on how to improve your online reputation management, or fix your review issues, be sure to contact Review Shark today!


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